to is really annoying, if you do it and don’t care about interacting with people on the please stop

@mthld some people do it for a backup in case if their Twitter account suspended.

@faizalr alright, but i don’t want to pay maintaining a Twitter alternative and working for a public Twitter archive also

@mthld Which brings the question: why don't we all build some bots to crosspost into twitter our Mastodon toots? :D

@will_stochastique because Twitter APIs changes too fast and we can never catch up

@mthld @sir @Nikolai_Kingsley @rmdes As disrespectful as that "dump and forget" stuff is, I am in favor of it for strategic reasons. Mirroring cuts into the (*checks notes*) "network effects" of Twitter, letting people follow their existing accounts while basing their activity on Mastodon. A scaffolded approach like that helps to draw people off gradually, so long-term it's good for Mastodon, even if it's annoying for us in the short-term.

@rmdes @mthld @sir @Nikolai_Kingsley Agreed to some extent it works either way. Twitter to Mastodon mirroring is better if you want people who are "multihoming" to be able to incrementally move to just Mastodon, while Mastodon to Twitter is better to "advertise" to existing Twitter users about the infinite superiority of the Fediverse

@spoon @mthld @sir @Nikolai_Kingsley @rmdes then there are supposedly "official" accounts on the #fediverse that cross-post support replies from twitter. why @signalapp? why?

What if I wanted to do #crossposting from #Mastodon to #Twitter? I would still try and reply to stuff on the #birdsite but I care more about the #fediverse

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