hello! i'm dirtytrans.club admin, a disabled white trans activist in her twenties

i've been on the since early 2016, as an instance admin for 2 years and a moderator on another instance until recently

i listen to every day, type on a lot of keyboards, watch movies, play , often, ride , meals, learn boxing, repair my 30 years old and more importantly hang out with my trans friends




i also struggle with different kind of issues, from minors problems to serious illnesses

i'm often and feeling bad about things, sometimes i fail or hurt people around me but i try to do better

i have no interests in individualism, i find psychology repulsive and i really hate doctors, especially psychiatrists

fuck the West, fuck the state, fuck landlords, eat the rich, burn down all prisons and psych wards, refugees welcome

don't hesitate to send a follow request! πŸ‘‹πŸ»


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A small Hometown instance run by and for radical trans people who refuse to compromise.